Roaming Feast Prize WInner

Wednesday, 23 March, 2016

Good Afternoon Wests Team,

Thank you for organising our Feast for Six at Wests on Friday 11 March. The six of us had an incredible night. The whole night was structured for our comfort and we moved easily between restaurants.

4 people from Newcastle - could not believe we were in Wests, the new restaurants have certainly changed it into a place to eat. 1 guest from Sydney, 1 from Central Coast - once seated they had forgotten they had entered a club.

The food at every restaurant was excellent - the quality, taste, and presentation, only added to our experience. To end the night with the theatre of Taylor Made Monet was sensational – we are all being slammed by Facebook friends wanting to know where they can go to enjoy the dessert.

The staff were beyond exceptional with their service, knowledge and friendliness. Lure's fresh seafood, welcoming and 5 star service. Emerald Gardens is an institution in Newcastle, the food always delicious and service attentive. The Chophouse Grill guys were professional with service, knowledgeable about the wine, and lots of fun – the meats were all high quality, grilled to meet all needs of the group, and the meat eater of our group finished a taster plate herself and will definitely be back. To complete the evening at Hobarts with silver service, fine dessert wine and the taste sensation that is Taylor Made Monet, left the entire group on a happy talkative high!!

It one of the best nights out I’ve had ever had with my 5 foodie friends. We are all looking forward to our reunion night at Figtree.

The group wanted to know if Wests are considering the roving restaurant feast as an option available for a night out. It was a fantastic way to eat, different foods, livening the conversation. I/we loved it!!

Also, the prize as a marketing tool has definitely achieved results for Wests.

Thanks once again!