​CHOPHOUSE GRILL by Hunterhunter

Wednesday, 16 December, 2015

If you love a good steak, then you’ll love Chophouse Grill at New Lambton.

Whether you’re after an eye fillet, a sirloin, a scotch fillet or a rib eye steak you’ve come to the right place. As you walk into the Chophouse you can peer directly into the kitchen and see the chef’s hard a work preparing these delicious steaks on the open grill. Flames, juices, smoke, who would have thought watching a steak getting cooked could be so entertaining!

Chophouse also do ribs, with pork, chicken and beef ribs available to order.

My favourite are the Baby Back Beef Ribs, house smoked and slow roasted then grilled and served with a special barbeque sauce, they’re the best baby back beef ribs I’ve tasted outside of Canada!

To ensure the optimal the flavour and character of the steak, Chophouse’s butchers carefully select and age high quality joints of beef, you can see them hanging in the kitchen window directly outside the restaurant. Prior to flame grilling, they massage each prime cut with a signature herb and spice blend. They then set about cooking your steak on the industrial wood-fired furnace-grill which seals the outer crust of the steak, whilst maintaining a juicy tenderness. You can watch all this happen through the viewing windows directly outside the restaurant.

If you have any room left after the main course then peruse their dessert menu, pictured is the Banoffee Brûlée, a caramel brûlée with chocolate and pecan crumbs, sliced bananas and topped with a toffee shard. Which when melted with a blow torch in front of me, not only makes for a theatrical end to dinner, but produces a delicious melted toffee brûlée capsule over the banoffee which I just loved smashing.

So if you’re in the mood for some meat, then you should check out Chophouse Grill at New Lambton and try one of their signature steaks.

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